Alyssa Hagins,  OWNER                                                                     Photo:  726 SQFT

Alyssa Hagins, OWNER                                                                   Photo: 726 SQFT

Alyssa began making keepsakes for her children in 2012, when she realized old-fashioned quality toys and baby products were hard to come by. Most of her inspiration came through observation. If her children needed something, she simply made it. It started with bedding and bibs, and eventually progressed into puppetry, soft play books, capes, and then dolls and mobiles.

The idea of handmade toys was meant to spark imaginative play and provide a safe environment for her children. She quickly realized this hobby became a passion when friends and family started requesting soft toys for their little ones. It warmed her heart to see that other people appreciated the idea of handcrafted products for their children as much as she did.

Over the years, she continued to make handmade treasures for her children, and other children, with their needs in mind. The first doll she made was for her daughter. When she gave it to her the sweetest smile came across her face. She hugged it tightly and softly said, “Pretty, pretty!”

That quiet moment with her daughter sealed the deal. In 2016 she launched Pretty, Pretty and the response was overwhelming. She decided to be a part of a special community of artists. Artists who see the value in creating one of the most cherished and ancient ways of making products: by hand and with love.

Alyssa’s wish is that these handmade treasures are loved through every tea party, sleepover, bedtime story and, eventually, passed on to the next generation.