Maze Necklace

Maze Necklace

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The perfect necklace for sensory stimulation. Purposefully designed with a minimalist approach, this maze necklace offers the feedback needed for children with specific sensory needs. The colors, fabric and trim were intentionally chosen to encourage calming behavior and touch.

Children can easily guide the bead through the stitched maze when nervous, fidgety or in need of calming repetition. This simple mechanism also helps with the development of fine motor skills. Food-grade silicone and wood beads in different sizes and textures help redirect chewing behaviors.

The soft nylon cording is clasp-free, so there’s no need to worry about a piece of plastic being chewed off. It comes in a light grey color.

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Profits of each necklace will benefit the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation. Shipping costs are not calculated into the donation amount.

Allow for a 2 week lead time, from day of purchase to when the order ships. Free standard shipping on US orders over $50. All items are handmade at time of order, so no two items are alike.

Each necklace is made by hand and cut to order. Materials: Linen, Cotton, Wood, Food-Grade Silicone/Wood, Nylon. The materials used are Non-Toxic, BPA Free with NO Lead, Cadmium, Phthalates, PVC or Mercury. Bead color and selection is based on availability, but will resemble item shown as close as possible. The best quality will always be chosen.

Necklace opening measures approximately 12”, with an overall length of 16” from top to bottom.

Care Instructions: Silicone naturally resists the growth of bacteria, but regular cleaning is recommended, especially for frequent chewers. Simply soak entire necklace in warm, allergen-free soapy water for a few minutes. Rinse and lay flat to dry. Resume use once fully dry.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you prefer a different cord color than what is pictured or have chosen the 2-pack, simply specify color preference in the comments section at checkout.